Versace Careers Professional Area Corporate


The Corporate department is responsible for coordinating and implementing all of the activities of the Versace Group from both an operational and strategic perspective.

The department is in charge of all activities carried out by the parent company with respect to its management and the coordination of Versace’s subsidiaries. Its main activities include defining the Versace Group’s strategic guidelines, the development and adaptation of the internal control system,corporate governance model and corporate structure, along with enacting the Code of Ethics of the Group. Other key functions include the production of general policies for the management and development of Human Resources, as well as the centralized management of Legal activities, Intellectual Property protection, Treasury & Risk Management, Corporate, Tax & Internal Audit services.

Business Development functions also fall under this department, contributing to the growth of the overall business of the Versace Group by increasing product penetration in those markets considered strategic for the growth of the Versace Group value while strengthening and providing consistency to the Brand’s image and awareness through marketing, sales support and customer relationship tools.